Vincenzo Bernardelli Srl will suspend production at the end of February 2017. Information on after sale service such as technical assistance, gun repair and spare parts supply will be provided shortly

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Side by sides

V.B. Holland

  Side by side

This is the absolute best shotgun provided with hand fitted Holland type locks. Few manufacturers today possess the talent to build this demanding action. Once again the tradition is respected and the quality is improved thanks to the use of the latest technology available. The model in the white is engraved as per customer's specifications and the engravings are true works of art which increase the value of an already valuable shotgun. The gun can also come with custom stock dimensions and shapes as well as forend configurations to meet the customer's requests.

Technical data
Gauge 12
Chamber 2,8"
Lock Side lock with safety double sear
Trigger Articulated single or double trigger
Breech Locking System Triplice Purdey type
Barrel Chopper lump barrel (demi-bloc)
Barrel lenght inc 26" - 27" - 28"
Chockes Fixed chokes: Cyl/3 - 4/2 - 3/1
Stock Pistol grip / English with shield
Fore.end De Luxe extended lenght with tip
or beavertail with inlaid golden shield
Wood finishing Oil
Weight Lbs. 7.03
Carry case Leather ext - int
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