Vincenzo Bernardelli Srl will suspend production at the end of February 2017. Information on after sale service such as technical assistance, gun repair and spare parts supply will be provided shortly

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Semiautomatic shotguns

Anniversary 20

  Semiautomatic shotgun

New semiauto of last generation with innovations and new technologies.
Gas operation system with a partial “autocompensator” to self adapt strong and soft ammunitions. This system is located out of the gas cylinder and consists of two movable parts colligated with an elastomer. When shooting, depending on the pressure of shotshells, these two parts can move between them absorbing the power and uniforming the speed of action bars. Some parts like the piston are protected with new plasma technology in order to increase corrosion resistance, Zirconium-Brass are the coating deposits. The main spring, located over magazine tube, is Teflon-protected, in order to preserve the material and to favour sliding.
The aesthetic line of the gun follows the Italian style with a modern forend as for shape and engraving.
The stock is in highly selected walnut (like forend) and it is oil finish protected.
Weight of the gun is 2,670 Kgs
Barrels available are 76 mm (3”) chambered and in different length (61-66-71-76 cm)
All the guns are Made in Italy and steel proof tested
Four shims to adjust drop and cast off and 5 choke tubes are included into the plastic case.

Technical data

3" ch, sporting choke tubes, nickel finishing receiver with fine engravings, highly selected walnut for stock and forend, steel proof test

All Semiautomatic shotguns undergo the high pressure STEEL SHOT test as per CIP standards and are consequently marked by the National Proof House.
Make sure to use the choke tubes coming with the firearm which are marked for STEEL SHOT USE.